Case Study failed implant

Distortion and discomfort are not uncommon with implants and the breasts tend to fall off them with age.

Leakage and biofilm low grade infection are also sometimes seen. More rarely, anapaestic lymphoma has become a concern, developing around implants in 147 cases reported from Australia with three deaths.

These photos show the results after implants have been removed and the natural shape of the breasts have been restored.

The lateral scarring from early stages resolves over the first year.

This patient had a failed implant plus lat dorsi flap with infection and loss of prosthesis after mastectomy and radiotherapy.

Fat grafting has replaced lost volume and corrected lost tissue around rib cage and reversed the severe skin changes from radiotherapy with much healthier looking skin.

The photos show the progress of the steadily improving lower skin and blood vessels, which show healthy pink colour as the skin blood flow returns with the increased amount of fat.