Natural Breast Augmentation with Lipomodelling

Restoring fullness to breasts following loss after childcare is a common indicator for this procedure.

It achieves a natural fullness, restoring confidence with no worries about implants.

You can see the difference achieved in these case studies.

The grafted fat is placed where it is needed, which gives the surgeon much greater control.

In many cases given a good grafting bed and sufficient donor fat it is now possible to increase the breast volume by 2 cup sizes in one sitting with recent advances achieving a more natural and lifelong effect than implants and without the hazards of implant failure, repeat surgeries and the long term risk of Giant Cell Lymphoma.

Large volume fat micrografting gives a more natural shape by increasing the whole breast proportionally and avoids the typical over fullness in the upper breast, which is unnatural. It also avoids the breast tending to fall off the implant giving distorted shape as the decades advance.